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Griffin Cares

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Program

Griffin Cares is a Foundation developed out of a need to ensure families facing the catastrophic loss of a baby have the support they need. Griffin Cares helps families through the tragedy of losing a loved one by providing education, compassion, and support resources.

Griffin Cares operated through a portion of Englewood Health’s website and is now developing its own brand. In addition to a new logo and brand identity, Griffin Cares now wants to create an active stand-alone internet presence. Part of this effort is the creation of a new website.

In our initial conversation with Pamela Caine, Founder + Executive Director, BlueCozmos discovered a need to create a consensus on the website’s position as a marketing tactic. The answers to the questions below will clarify that position.

Strategy Research

Tell us all you want us to know.

Griffin Cares

Griffin Cares

What is the project's overall purpose? (For example, to educate, create or enhance an image, fill legal requirements, build awareness, etc.)
Briefly describe the types of regular communications clients receive from Griffin Cares, both electronic and print.
Are they found in a specific area? If so, what area are we targeting?
Please list any budget, schedule, limitations, etc., that may impact this project.
How will life be better once this effort has been created and implemented?
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