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Each of the three concepts is presented below. Clicking on each graphic will open a new browser window. The entire presentation of that concept will appear in that window in the following format:
Image 1 – 9×12 folder outside concept
Image 2 – 9×12 folder inside concept
Images 3 – 5 – Brochure outside cover, inside spread, back cover
Images 6 -7 – Sales sheets formats
All other images – PowerPoint presentation format.

Most browsers will allow you to save the pdf as a file, however, if you’d like a copy of each, please let me know, and I’ll email one to you.


Thank you!

Please note all of the concepts are initial concepts only. As such, the photos require work. Latitude graphic standards require that elements be manipulated into any images used. This takes time. I added them in a cursory way to manage my time. Once we decide on a concept, I will spend time to finesse these into printable artwork.

The Pdfs attached are sketches. Once comments are collected and we decide which direction to take, we will finesse all photographs and illustrations.

Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3
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