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    1. Branding Project Objectives

    What is the project’s overall purpose?
    (For example, to educate, enthuse, create or enhance an image, fill legal requirements, build customer loyalty, etc.)

    Please list this project’s primary goals:

    2. Target Projects

    Please describe (as best possible in the space allotted) the marketing tactics envisioned as part of this new effort. Please do not limit yourself to only those tactics you hope to have BlueCozmos create for you; also include any tactics you plan to build on your own.

    3. Target Audience

    Please describe the demographics of the person/company that makes up your primary audience.

    Do you have multiple audiences?

    4. AdaptaLogix features and benefits.

    What makes you different than your competitors? And how do your clients benefit from these differences?

    Rank the benefits:

    5. Consider The Competition

    What other local and national firms are most similar to your organization in both services and personality? (Please provide URLs.)

    What other firms have a brand that you most admire? (Again, please provide URLs.)

    What about these organizations’ brands attract you?

    6. Consider Your Current Brand

    Since the creation of your current brand, has anything changed at your firm to lead to your current brand being outdated?

    What aspect of your organization and its personality is best represented by your current brand?

    7. Past, current, and future marketing

    Use five words to describe how you want your company to be perceived. - Rank 1-5

    Which marketing tactics have your firm used in the past? Which were least and most successful?

    8. Budget/timeline

    Please list any budget, schedule, limitations, etc. that may impact this project.

    9. Significance

    Single most important point of this effort.

    How will life be better once your new brand has been defined and implemented?

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