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Information Graphics explain it all.

Branding, Part 4
Information Graphics

Information Graphics can do a lot of things. Their primary purpose is to explain complex concepts quickly through visual comparisons, either to other ideas, concepts or notions. Because they convey messages rapidly, they work well in advertisements and email where readers generally don’t spend much time reading volumes of materials.

But they start with other objectives as well. Good ones are branded both visually and verbally. Good ones are flexible, meaning they work in several media like print, email and social media posts. Good ones also represent different data points from different angles and leave the viewer with a better insight into data interpretation.

So why should you use them as part of your branded message?

1. They strengthen your visual brand message
2. People find it easy to understand and digest
3. Easy to share on social media
4. They’re fun to look at. Some might say engaging.

Below are examples of infographics we’ve completed for clients.

Information Graphics Explain Product Attributes

Pentegra needs the attention of their email audiences. The information on the products and services they offer financial advisors is complex. We worked with them to create a series of highly graphical visualization tools in an innovative and branded manner.

Pentegra struggled with content marketing efforts to convert traffic into investing customers. We create information graphics which explained product attributes and features in an impactful manner. Pentegra used them in email blasts and as social media tools.

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