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A Post Pandemic Primer
Getting past the COVID - 19 pandemic is inevitable.

But how can you prepare to make the best of it?  Invest in these questions and BlueCozmos will get you there.

Like you, we are curious what smart business owners think as they move through this new business environment.

Life is going to be different. Business will be different. Customer attitudes and buying practices are going to change. The past few months have brought about changes with more coming down the road. Everyone sees it. No one is sure how business will be conducted, but they know it will be different.

BlueCozmos gets it. We want to be prepared, and we want others to be ready as well. So we’ve collaborated with other trusted business advisors to bring a broader skillset to the table.

Two of our trusted advisors, T. Wayne Owens & Associates and Hawk100 are partnering with us to offer a suite of services and advice. Jointly, our businesses will review the information you submit on this survey. Our response to you will cover marketing, operations and financial advice.

The way we see it, there are three main areas of concern ahead of small business owners:

• Changes to your marketing to address post-pandemic purchasing attitudes.
• Operational changes to handle the uneven delivery of goods or services.
• Managing and adapting to employees working from home.
• Preparing for the next event like this one.

Your answers to these questions don’t need to be elaborate or overly detailed. The only wrong response is a blank one.  

One point needs to be very clear, we have no interest in sharing the details of your answers with anyone.  We will, however, aggregate responses into a generalized set of recommendations for publication.  This effort is our way of gathering and compiling information helpful to a broad group.  Your answers will help others in the same way others’ responses will help you. 

We will respond with a set of recommendations on how to make your brand more effective.

Thank you from BlueCozmos.

As many have said, we are all in this together.

    1. Reopening

    What are the biggest fears you have about reopening your business?
    (For example, Employees working remotely, not enough new customers, losing past customer loyalties, meeting social distancing guidelines, etc.)

    What is your second biggest fear?:

    2. Before the shutdown

    Please describe (as best possible in the space allotted) your business before the shutdown: describe it in the space allotted to the best of your ability. Start by answering the five basic questions: What (Product, or service) did you sell?, who was your customer base? When did you start? Where are you located? How did you market to new customers?

    3. Your customers, before the shutdown

    Please describe the person/company that makes up your customer base before shutting down because of the pandemic.

    How did they find you?

    4. The customers you want now.

    Now describe the type of customer you want as you reopen. Are they different than those before the shutdown? Please highlight their differences.

    Will they come from a specific geographic area?

    5. Your Aspirations.

    Describe your business goals before the shutdown, how have they and your attitudes and aspirations toward your company changed? This could be a tough one, so please just write what you feel.

    6. Past, current, and future marketing

    Use five words to describe how you want your company to be perceived. - Rank 1-5

    Which marketing tactics have your firm used in the past? Which were least and most successful? Think about direct mail, email, websites or any type of advertising. There's plenty of space, so go ahead, list as many as you like.

    7. Benchmarks/timeline

    Please list any budget, expected ROI, schedule, limitations, etc. that may impact any rebranding after your reopening. Also, what performance benchmarks (Financial, customer counts, something else?) can be used to gauge future success?.

    8. Significance

    Single most important point of a look at your operation as you reopen. How could life be better once you're up and running again?

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