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Third Party Administration firms (TPA) that market correctly make life easier for Plan Sponsors, Financial Advisors and CPAs. Considerations for choosing your marketing firm carefully.

What we do. is about our work developing marketing infrastructures for clients. However, this page highlights the work we do for third-party administrators. We like this work. We consider it our specialty. It challenges us to develop clear, simple, and bold solutions to complex problems.

Retirement plans are complicated.

No matter how you look at it, they are involved. The products are intricate; each type carries benefits, restrictions, and regulations. Understanding how they work often can take years of learning and experience. And with any change at the DOL, the challenge grows.

Generally, when a plan sponsor or business owner gets a call from their retirement plan manager, they groan – loudly.

Why? Because they don’t fully understand the products or plans. With good reason. They are busy running a business. Managing a retirement plan for employees is part of that; who knew there was so much to it?

We are here to help.

We make communications between a TPA and their prospective clients honest and open. We explain everything in ways that make plan management effortless. After all, a plan sponsor spends their time best managing their business.

This is crucial

There are several reasons why its important to stand out.  Today’s climate The field is growing for good reason:  Services are needed.


Whats fueling the TPA market?
Reports suggest that the global third-party administration (TPA) market will grow by 6.3% a year, Read More.

How we help.

We create email campaigns for plan sponsors, financial advisors, recordkeepers, and CPAs. Our campaigns generally start with one graphic accompanied by a message written in plain language. They present simple explanations of complex issues. The warnings they offer are firm but friendly. We create a calendar of messages aimed at educating the recipient and breaking down their fear of that call.

They sell services.

While our clients have products to sell, we understand entirely they are in the business of marketing relationships. Our clients also understand the key to growth is the control of their marketing. BlueCozmos uses these two facts as the basis for creating email campaigns that eliminate any frustration a sponsor may have. Our goal is to position your firm as understanding, experienced, and above all, very easy to work with. We work to change attitudes towards that call.


By making the communication of vital information clear and simple to understand.

But wait, there's more.

If you or your customers provide regular communications with clients, our experience contains the creation of customized, personalized communication devices such as websites, branding, or statements, we can help.

If you’d like to see samples of our work, please visit some of the links provided below.

If you’d like to open a conversation on how we can help your firm, contact us here. We’ll respond immediately.

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