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What is creative copywriting?

Branding, Part 5
Heres a case study: Email blasts and an information graphic as a sales tool

First of all, we need to establish what we are discussing. Creative copy and creative web copy are two different elements all together. Sure, they share some overall goals, but one is just not entirely like the other.

The objectives for writing original text are the same as they have always been – Hook the reader, tell a story, inspire actions while compelling the reader to go on to the next sentence.

Writing creative copy for the web is a different animal altogether.  These objectives remain, but at the same time, several other factors make web copy useful. If, for example, your goal is to write a valid email which ties to a website landing page (and there’s no logical reason why you wouldn’t do this.) your headlines not only need to be clear and concise but relates to a web site’s ad or keyword strategy. If done incorrectly it can leave the effort effectively flat.

We also hold beautiful design captures a users attention and elevates interest, but thoughtful copy captures hearts and minds. We use both.

One of our clients asked us to develop a series of email blasts to financial advisors. The purpose was to illustrate ten reasons why they should engage our clients for fiduciary services, among a host of others — the reasons why are just as complex as the services they provide.

Financial advisors engage our client (a nationwide provider of TPA Retirement Services) to design, implement and manage retirement plans for their clients. These financial advisors service a variety of industry and are ultimately selling a service that could last for decades. (Told you it was complicated.)

While we were hired to create the copy, it became clear immediately we needed a visual to help pronounce the intent more clearly. So we went through the exercise of exploring both. The examples below do not illustrate the final format but show what we delivered to the client.

The results are below. Read through them and comment.

Information Design
Retirement is all we do

Retirement is all we do.

In the study of optics, a focus is described as the clear and sharply defined condition of an image.  

In business, a focused strategy means aiming all your operational procedures and goals on a single purpose.  That means from ground level employees through all levels of management your company is centered on one pursuit.  

Your success as an advisor is based on how efficiently you help them reach those objectives. 

Pentegra’s focus is on retirement solutions.  Its all we do.  From planning to execution, Pentegra helps organizations through acting as a fiduciary or by offering institutional investment solutions.  And our solutions are entirely governed by our client-driven culture.  Our board of directors consists of clients, Presidents, and CEOs of companies who use our services.  

Our condition is sharply focused on retirement solutions. Put it to work for your clients today.

For more information, contact the Pentegra Solutions Center at, call 855.549.6689 or visit us at

Information Graphic Design
You have our attention

You have our attention

Being an active participant in a conversation can mean removing all distractions, listening carefully and reading all visual signs.  Active participation is developed through patience and practice but creates many advantages.  

As an Advisor, listening to and watching your clients’ movements can yield significant results:  Events and opportunities can reveal themselves, you will have a better understanding of their needs and wants, and of course, you will gain new insights.  

Advisors and thier clients have had our attention for decades.  Learn how by visiting our Advisor Connect page on  It details resources from some of our decades of working with advisors.  You can find recent writings covering how to grow your business, compliance, audits, even Fiduciary Liability Insurance – All in easy to read and keep formats for your use.

Contact your friendly Pentegra Associate today to learn more or visit to learn more.

For more information, contact the Pentegra Solutions Center at or 855.549.6689 or visit us at

Information Graphic Design
We are a one-stop shop

A one stop shop

Go ahead, admit. You remember what it was like when you first stepped into that local candy store. All those options.  All those selections, all those colors, all that candy!

As you’ve gotten older the idea of having everything you want at your fingertips is what you’ve been looking for.  

We offer that type of selection for your clients.  Our 70 plus years of experience gives us a knowledge of almost every retirement situation. Pentegra supports a comprehensive range of DB, DC and NQ plans, including Cash Balance, MEP, ESOP, KSOP and 403(b) just as a starter.

We offer an expansive array of qualified retirement plan solutions, bundled or unbundled.  We can serve in any combination of fiduciary roles.  You and your client decide how you want to work with us.  Together we select the services, fiduciary support, and investment platform that brings your solution together seamlessly. 

Step into our store.  See the options we offer.  You’ll see we are a one stop shop for all your concerns.  Visit and look through our list of capabilities at  

Learn more through your Pentegra Regional Director today, or contact our Pentegra Solutions Center at or 855.549.6689.  Our store is always open. 

Information Graphic Design
We Help Steer Your Ride While You Drive.

We Help Steer Your Ride While You Drive.

Developing and managing a book of business is no easy task.  While all of the individual jobs involved are extensive and detailed, many experts agree the most consequential is marketing.  “Steer your marketing, and you steer your business” is how the saying goes.

But as an advisor, that can be tough.  Tough because the amount of effort needed to accurately and effectively evaluate potential clients takes time.  A lot of it.  And nothing stings like realizing you accepted a client without due diligence.

At the same time, an advisor’s job is to advise.  So while you are thinking about the new clients you need, you also have to think about the responsibilities you’ve accepted on behalf of your existing clients.

Pentegra can help.

We have over seven decades of reducing the burden of work for financial advisors and plan sponsors.  We offer three levels of outsourcing to address your clients individual needs. Start today by reviewing our list of 50 chores of the Retirement Plan Administrator.  Our inventory covers everything, from handling overpayments to filing government forms.  Consider which you manage daily, and which you’d like relief from Pentegra.

Then get back to steering your ride.

Contact your Pentegra Regional Director today to learn more.   Or visit  Of course, you can call us today at 855.549.6689. 

Information Graphic Design
Our focus is you

Client Focus. Period

“OK, what is all this talk about being client focused and how can it help me as an advisor?”  That’s what you’re probably asking yourself right now.  

Being client-focused means a lot to us.  Here are some quick descriptions of how we work to help you understand what we mean.

Every client is different.  What we learn from one, we apply to others.

Every client has unique needs. We work hard to understand them all.

We offer oversight not found elsewhere in the industry.

We accept a higher level of responsibility than others in the industry.

Pentegra was founded by our clients.

Our clients own Pentegra.

Our clients govern Pentegra. (our BD of Directors is made up of clients who use our services).

So what does that mean to you?  It guarantees a comprehensive, oversight driven approach to managing your clients’ retirement plan. And that approach means better results, more efficient management, and greater retirement readiness.

It means our focus is on you.

Read all about our approach at and get us focused on your client today,

Of course, you can call us today at 855.549.6689. 

Information Graphic Design
Our Institutional Investment Approach

Our Institutional Investment Approach

The idea is as old as time.

A stable root system yields a robust and fruitful plant.

Pentegra’s roots are structured to keep us focused on servicing our clients.   We are privately held, funded, owned and completely governed by our clients, and our Board of Directors is made up of our clients, not shareholders.  This system keeps us focused on servicing advisors and shared clients, keeping us completely independent.

We manufacture NO proprietary investments.  We support your clients investment strategy, offering record keeping and a host of institutional investments solutions designed to fit their needs.

And this independence works.  For the past seven decades, we have grown into a stable, national company, constantly working on our clients best interests.

Learn more and put us to work today by visiting or by çontacting your Pentegra Regional Director today to learn.   Contact us at the Pentegra Solutions Center at or 855.549.6689. 

Information Graphic Design
We Are CEFEX Certified

We are CEFEX certified

Everybody likes a good jigsaw puzzle.  When the pieces go together in an obvious fashion, you get a final image that makes complete sense.  You’ve completed the picture, and its perfect.

As an advisor, you continuously search for the complete picture of a retirement solution for your clients.

Pentegra and CEFEX are two pieces of that puzzle that fit together nicely.  Both adhere to strict standards of excellence.  Both are committed to the maintenance of the highest standards of professional conduct.  Both offer verification through independent audits which verifies adherence to the highest standards.  Both put client interests ahead of their own.

The CEFEX certification process validates the use of best practices in process and capabilities in conducting plan administration and operational compliance.  Pentegra is part of an elite group of firms in the U.S. that has completed the independent certification process.

That’s a complete picture.

Complete your clients picture today. Start with your friendly Pentegra Associate today.  Contact the Pentegra Solutions Center at or 855.549.6689 or visit us at to learn more.

Information Graphic Design
Direct Access to Industry Experts

Visual:  Circuit Board

Direct access to Industry experts.

Direct access.  What does that mean these days?  

It used to mean a bank teller could give you an account balance, tiding you over until you sit down to reconcile.  It also used to mean walking across the living room to look at the thermostat would tell you the temperature.

But today’s modern culture demands quicker access to information.  Both your thermostat and bank balance are accessible from your cell phone 24/7.  

The speed with which you access information is critical to understanding clients’ issues.  And the sooner you know that the better your relationship with them becomes.

Pentegra has what you need.  We offer direct access to ERISA attorneys, compliance specialists and our leadership team.  Our web site provides detailed biographies on our team of experts who are eager to share their experience and knowledge of the industry.   If that’s not enough, we also offer sections on the current thinking of our team, articles, white papers videos, and web casts, as well as regulatory and technical updates to keep you up to date.

Keep your clients up to date with direct access to our experience.

Contact your friendly Pentegra advisor today to learn more or visit to learn more.

For more information, contact the Pentegra Solutions Center at or 855.XXX.XXXX or visit us at

Information Graphic Design
Our Independence

Our Independence

We all know what it means to be independent.  As a nation, it’s in our DNA.  We settled here, after all, to claim independence and over the next 200+ years, we’ve pursued that idea.

Pentegra is an independent company in every sense of the word.

We are not connected to Wall Street, nor are we owned by a larger financial institution, mutual fund or insurance company.  We are completely governed by our clients and we focus entirely on providing maximum value to our clients.  

When a company engages us, its a partnership.  We act as a trusted resource, bringing objective viewpoints and clearly unique and independent perspectives to the situation. 

Put our independence to work for you today.  Start by contacting your Pentegra Regional Director today to learn more or the Pentegra Solutions Center at or 855.549.6689. 

Information Graphic Design
We Supply Confidence

We Supply Confidence

What is the best gift you’ve received?  Think hard. Indeed, there are several that come to the top but don’t you think the one that tops them all is confidence?   Wherever it came from, that feeling of self-assurance arising from your appreciation of your abilities and qualities allows you to do anything.

Confidence allows you to take measured risks and seize just the right opportunities.  And when you project confidence, you have credibility, make a lasting impression and deal with the pressure head on.

Bolster your confidence in a big way, today.  Partner with Pentegra.  Put our 70+ years of independent experience as a provider of retirement plan, fiduciary outsourcing and investment solutions in your back pocket.  Review our Advisor Connect web page to understand how we think.  Take a good look at our SmartPath approach to planning and management.  Watch a few of our videos.   Talk to one of our associates and grow your confidence.  

Then grow your business.

Start today at

For more information, contact the Pentegra Solutions Center at, call 855.549.6689 or visit us at

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