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Create a brand for a football beat

Branding, Part 6
CD Cover, Posters and Visual Brand Message

The Buck Boy Nation is an association of former OSU Buckeyes. Led by Rod Harper, they created a series of beats to be used as celebrations whenever the Buckeyes scored, or whenever the crowd in the horseshoe needed rousing.

With the blessing of OSU, BC worked with an illustration of a player, altering the image to include references to Mr. Harper. The beat was pressed onto a cd and sold in area retail stores, as well as offered online.

The Buck Boys needed a strong, forceful image branded in conjunction with OSU’s brand message. BC produced a CD cover (front and back), a poster for use in area stores and a large scale poster to mark the effort.

Beat Branding

CD Cover, Front and Back

CD Inprint

Poster Design

This 8.5″ x 11″ poster is designed to be used in retail outlets as a reminder of the beat.   It references the brand message of the CD cover and creates a stronger visual identity.

Poster Design

This 24″ x 36″ poster is designed to be used in retail outlets as well as  a gift to friends, family and of course, retail stores and OSU.

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