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Create website redesign objectives and
project plans with Gusto

Do it with inspiration.

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Redesigning a website is an inspiring time.  Start with a clear set of website redesign objectives and a project plan, but do it right.  We’ve all heard the stories about the little league team getting excited about the new uniforms and can see the parallel.  Ok, that’s a bit simplistic, but the point is reworking a site puts your organization in a new focus for existing and potential customers.  The excitement comes from the thoughts of what the future now holds for your brand message reviewed under a new light.

It’s understandable.

But how to best go about the process?  Several options exist: There are software packages that offer methods for creating a drag and drop site. Better yet, there are design firms that understand how to use the web to enhance your brand message in new and exciting ways.

Whatever path you decide to take, remember establishing a few goals will help you get to where you want to be faster, and with a clear message.  And the more specific and targeted your goals are, the closer you will get to reach them.

So how do you set clear goals for a website redesign?

Here are a few simple considerations to help guide you through the process:

1.  It starts with asking yourself some tough questions

Remember, there’s no more challenging inspection that a thorough introspection.  Whatever that pain is, chances are denial or perhaps avoiding some of the key issues may be what is allowing it to get in the way.  

If this makes you stumble, just consider the end goal – to grow your business.   

The old rule applies and still works here:  Identify your biggest area of pain and think about the cause.  Are you having trouble getting new leads or is it converting leads to customers where you need help?

2.  Establish some concrete objectives. 

This effort works best when there are several listed specific targets.  Ranking them will contribute to creating a clear hierarchy to your work and would allow for an accelerated path towards reaching all of them. 

3.  Involve stakeholders.

Chances are you are not the only one sensing the need for something new.  Ask colleagues for input and if it is helpful, allow them to respond to your request in written form.  Then consolidate responses into a list.  You may find there are several common themes.

Consider creating an online survey.  These questionnaires are perfect methods for communications with co-workers and can be expanded to include a select group of customers.  And as you prepare your questions, you can craft them to a particular message or concern about your situation.  Since a majority of folks today are dependent on the web for either business or personal interests, they have developed preferences and can provide insight into what works or what may not be of value on your current website.

Sample survey questions might include:

a. Who is our target audience?  Describe them as completely as possible.  Do they have a particular age, gender or geography?  What is relevant to them?

b. Consider our competition.  What do you feel is effective about their branding, their website?  What do they do well?  What makes you return to the site?

c. Describe our products features and benefits.  Rank them in order of importance.

d. How will life be better with a stronger presence and a redesigned website?

4.  Consolidate these into clear objectives

Gathering this information will lead you to your own set of priorities, but it may help to organize these goals into these types of categories;

Clear: Are we covering the basics – who, what where, when and how

Measurable: Can we see how we are doing?

Topical:  Are we portraying our core brand messages and promise?

Reachable: Can we get to where we need to be?

Appropriate: Are we realistically building our brand?  Is it relevant? 

5.  Ready to take your site a step higher?

Put BlueCozmos to work for you.  Our experience and expertise can help make this task easier.  Our strategy, copy writing and design experience is ready when you are.

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