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Our Service Listings

We pride ourselves in broad-based service offerings for our size.  We find our clients get our best when we have complete flexibility in the packages offered.

This list is by no means is this a list complete, rather it’s a synopsis of some of our areas of expertise.

We like to think of our work as developing a marketing infrastructure, meaning we build all of the elements needed to help your business grow.  In plain terms: visual and verbal identity (logo, brand standards, and story) lead capturing websites, newsletter, direct and email mail sequences, social media.

We firmly believe for any infrastructure to be effective, it needs to support the function of its enterprise. As no two organizations are identical, each has its own set of needs.


Design of the Major Taylor Mountain Summit cycling kit.

SolarTex Inc Logo

SolarTex Van Vehicle Graphics

SolarTex Van Vehicle Graphics

Major Taylor Mountain Summit 2017 Logo

Visual Communication Design

Our work is rooted in visual communication design. It’s in all aspects of what we do. For us, design is strategy – because design means taking something apart, exploring its purpose then planning for efficient, thoughtful execution then reassembling it in a way that displays its purpose. That exploration is constantly fueled by a fresh set of eyes which helps to accelerate your businesses growth while leaving a lasting impression in the world of your customers. Read More.


This is the most confusing elements for those starting a business.  It probably means a recollection of say, a red and white Campbell soup can. But a brand touches every element of your business from your the colors of your front door to the language of your dog treat bags.

Much of what we do is help clients understand the totality of brand elements – and the list can be long and quite diverse.  In fact, developing this is a voyage of discovery.  No two are alike.


Everyone tells stories and your brand is no different.  It’s the understanding of those stories that can make yours unique.  Questions need to be asked.

Questions like:

What will provide the greatest clarity?  What visual best explains what you’re saying the shortest amount of time?  How can messages be sequenced in the public eye to give the clearest picture?

Thats where we play.

Customer Reporting

Organizations used to be content simply summarizing data in a semi-aggregated format.  That is until the bar was raised.

Today, the customers’ needs drive the data and often the format.  Data products and the design of reports need to start by asking how the customer can be smarter and more effective with the decisions they make.

Our experience in customer document design allows us unique insight into how documents can work to meet and exceed customers needs.

More on that on our sister site, located here.


What is that phrase about the best-laid plans?  Without the clear cut, well-practiced production standards any plan can go awry.  Our standards and attention to every detail help ensure ideas are developed to their fullest potential.

Which is why we work initially on white boards, plan o grams, site maps and flow charts to understand and plan information flow and design.

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